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  • Two New ElkNut DVDs - Pkg1
    This combo pairs The ElkNut 5: Basic Elk Sounds for Success DVD (includes bonus MP3 disc with audio only portion from DVD) and Elk Hunting Techniques: Advertising and Breeding Sequences (also includes bonus MP3 disc with...

  • Mastering Elk Calls Front
    All new 1 hour and 15 minute DVD showing exactly how to use mouth reeds / diaphragms. Choosing the right reed for your pallet makes all the difference along with proper preperation of the reed and placement in the mouth for...

  • Front cover The ElkNut 5
    Success comes with knowing how to utilize these five basic elk sounds. You don't have to make every sound an elk makes to be a successful hunter. ElkNut goes into detail on how these sounds can be used to contact elk giving...

  • Front cover Advertising and Breeding Sequences
    A must have for the new or experienced Elk Hunter! One hour of information that will have you re-thinking the way you call elk in early season or during peak rut. A DVD to watch and the same information on MP3-CD in audio to...

  • New Cover Art Vol 4 Worse Than Wolves Front
    Bugling Bulls and Beyond vol 4, Worse than Wolves on DVD. Two hours of detailed information here...

  • Bugling Bulls and Beyond - Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4
Video Elk Calling, Hunting Tutorial, Learn Wapiti
    This set of 4 DVD's includes Bugling Bulls and Beyond Volume 4, "WORSE THAN WOLVES", Along with Bugling Bulls and Beyond Volume 1, Bugling Bulls and Beyond Volume 2 and Calling All Cows, Bugling Bulls and Beyond Volume 3...

  • Scouting Elk Country
How  to find Elk using Topography Map
    We know many don't live in elk country. The Scouting Elk Country DVD shows actual footage of a variety of elk country and then the corresponding areas on topo maps. This will help you figure out which spots hold elk and...

  • Bugling Bulls and Beyond - Volume 1
Elk Hunting
    A 60 minute DVD featuring elk calling techniques. Vol 1 highlights the six main sounds made by bugling bulls and explains in detail what they are saying. It also covers the six main sounds made by cows. More importantly it...

  • Bugling Bulls and Beyond - Volume 2
Hunting Elk
    Volume Two takes the calling techniques found in Volume One a step further with more details on the actual calls and additional information, such as........ those popping/nervous grunts (have you heard them?) they can be the...

  • DVD #3 Calling All Cows, Bugling Bulls and Beyond
Cow Elk Hunting
    Calling All Cows is an exciting way to cow hunt. Whether with bow or rifle, from August to November. We'll show you how to bring the cows in close. Not by just blowing a cow call but by actually making sounds that...