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  • Front - Sounds By The Elk
Live Elk Sounds, Real Elk Talk, Calf Mews
    This audio offering is a collection of 26 different elk sounds. These sounds are being made by the elk themselves.The first disc is an audio CD. The second disc is exactly the same except in MP3 format. This can be used in...

  • ElkNut's Playbook, The Essential guide to Elk Hunting. - pkg 2
    In this combination package you will get the 100 page hardcopy of ElkNut's Playbook and the audio CD, Sounds By The Elk. The audio CD will give you the actual elk sounds ElkNut talks about using and understanding in ElkNut's...

  • ElkNut's Playbook 1 Front- Audiobook
Elk Hunting Tips, Instruction Book, Listen to Audio
    Paul Medel aka ElkNut reads ElkNut's Playbook himself. You'll find the typical mistakes a regular guy would make when reading but the information is all here. The audiobook includes a complete set of the elk sounds from...

  • ElkNut Playbook (hardcopy) with Audiobook 1 The ultimate guide to hunting Elk - pkg 4
    ElkNut's Playbook (hardcopy) and Audiobook Version: A 4 1/2 hour long Audiobook Version of ElkNut's Playbook PLUS the 100 page hardcopy of ElkNut's Playbook    For more detailed descriptions please see the...

  • Audio CD Worse than Wolves Volume 4
How to Bugle Bull Elk, Instructional Audio CD
    The audio only portion of Bugling Bulls & Beyond, WORSE THAN WOLVES on CD. This is a 2 CD set covering the entire two hours of the exact same information found on the Video/DVDs. All the information found on Volume 4 in...